Time Travel EP

by Monday Appreciation Society

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released April 13, 2010

Monday Appreciation Society:
Mark Rybaltowski - lead vocals, guitar, drums, sleigh bells, washing machine
Dan Wisniewski - backing vocals, guitar, tambourine

All songs written by Mark Rybaltowski and Dan Wisniewski.

Recorded at The Sweat Lodge on a TASCAM 4-track cassette recorder on Monday nights in Philadelphia during a very cold January in 2010.

Mixed and mastered by Jesse Soifer.

Cover art by Brittany Mitchell.



all rights reserved


Monday Appreciation Society Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two dudes, a 4-track cassette recorder, a lot of lyrics, a lot of friends and a lot of beer.

If You Were Here, I'd Be Home Now out now!

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Track Name: No A.C.
Let's go for a walk tonight while the city tries to sleep
Its slowed-down sound won't mask the pounding of our heartbeats, our heartbeats
It's June and I'm on fire

So if you can't describe this feeling you know you have inside
Well it's just filling up the emptiness we've carried all our lives, our lives

So rest your head and dream of all the pretty things in your life
And I'll just sit there quietly, watch the moon tattoo the skyline, the skyline for the first time

Maybe someday I will meet you and we'll both know what it's for
And turn this longing into something, something more, something more
Track Name: Telephone Wire
The boy perched above sent down the news with love
but we were all in that tower counting down the hour
holding our breath and puffing out our chests
growing blue in the face while we raced to sing of better times

When the sparks made their mark and the well had been found
I pulled my head out of my hands and took a look around
to see just how far I stood from the crumbling wood
and the falling leaves and the trees lied in between

And all that surrounds us are these burned down houses
and the ash that falls from the sky
And all I can offer is more black dust and sulfur
blowing off my shoulder into their eyes

So back when I was 9 and I heard my infant cousin died
I ran up to the bath and locked myself inside
and I started to cry but I did not know why
She was beautiful they say, though I never saw her face

And it's strange how we're tied to all these little strings
running like telephone wires behind the wall and down the hall
to those unseen or the man on the TV
And if we just slow down, we're bound to feel a little pull
Track Name: Twenty Two
I saw you yesterday painting pictures in your mind
He was standing to your right being kind and biding time
And I saw it in your eye and in the way that you grew quiet
You're as happy as a house cat and I'm as jealous as a tyrant
without a throne who can take things for his own
And my tongue, it bleeds in my mouth

And I think it's time
It's just time

So these days drop like rain into this jar that I hold up
And now it's full of hazy memories I someday hope to love
'Cause right now it's hard to see all the things that pass by me
So I'll bring it to the light and watch it mix with passing time
'cause I know when I'm old, all these times they will glow
even though it's hard to see the bright

It's not fine
It's not fine

And now it seems my guarantee has found another guy
Someone to give her all the things I hoarded deep inside
I'm not sure
No, I'm not sure

The lampshade is low covering everything in gold
And the walls painted white have a slightly softer shine
But in my mind that's just fine, it makes it easy to open my eyes
and see my friends all around me and the patterns in our lives
where we just won't let go of the things that won't hold
and it's been so long that it's just growing mold
and we're all getting sick of the tears

It's just time
It's just time
Track Name: Red Snow
Stiff legs, a lake frozen over
Two gloves for our bottled hands
Wild scarves tangled with ice skates
The red snow matched the glow of your cheek

And I see now what I couldn't then
A wide open space, a fence to descend
And now there's glances and tired tries
and crowded rooms, but you're the only one

Phone calls abandoned before starting
Heavy words lay on the floor
Tied knots united in the shadows
Loose ends I just ignored

And now you tell me with tears in your eyes
there's nothing left, just say our goodbyes
And under street lights you drive home to him
while over broken glass, I could just burst
Track Name: Fool's Song
Got that feeling in my stomach again and I can't go back to sleep
Your image is just like a kid, it gets caught on every dream
And I don't know if I should just give up or keep waiting around for you
And I don't know if I'm right or wrong or simply just a fool
But I do know when I see you at night and you're shining in that space
All that shit gets washed away and there's only joy in its place
So when I see these kids holding hands and they're huddled in the cold
Well I'll just be thinking of you and those secrets that were told